Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hoar Frost

This past weekend we were in the Twin Cities visiting our sons and families. Friday night an eerie fog moved in over the area. The result was that in the morning everything was covered with a glistening white hoar frost. (At least that is what the weatherman called it). I took some time to try to study at Mc Donald's down the road from Eric's house. I wasn't able to concentrate just thinking about the beauty of the landscape, so I quit and went out and took some pictures. This willow tree really caught my eye, covered with white. All I could think was "What a majestic God and awesome we have!"
I also learned another lesson last night. I joined an area photo club and took some of these pictures to the meeting thinking that they were pretty spectacular. That is until I saw some of the work of the members on their websites. I definitely am a novice, but will have fun learning from these pros.


I'm sorry this Page no longer exsists said...

I love that you study at McDonalds. it's a constant. :)

kbmett@hotmail.com said...

Hi Frank,
I'm pastor of Solid Rock Fellowship, an new evangelical church in New Richmond, WI. I heard you may have a free week to do a VBS. We have 3 kids in VBS age, but, would like to get the gospel out in our community. If you are still open, let us know. Our boards will have to approve of any plans.
Pastor Ken