Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let It Snow!

What a Christmas. we suppose to drive to the Twin Cities and spend Christmas with our sons, wives and grand children. Then we heard the weather forecast and changed our minds. So far we have about 9 - 10 inches of snow and are expecting quite a bit more before it is over. Recently I purchased a Nikon SLR camera, so I decided to take some pictures today outside. The picture here is of our back yard with all the snow on the trees. The elk just happened to be in the picture when I edited it. (Eat you heart out, Jim Van Voorst).
Actually I rather enjoy the snow. It covers up all the drab ground and and coats the trees with a layer of beauty that man can't create. I almost feel sorry for those who decide to winter in Florida or Arizona or Texas. They miss out on a lot of God's design.

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