Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nose Job

The last couple of days have been quite interesting and somewhat amazing. I was scheduled for nose surgery to remove polyps and if necessary a couple of other procedures. What was so amazing is to see how God put everything together. We didn't want to drive up early this morning, so we looked online for a motel in Superior, Wi. We stayed at the Superior Inn, just across the bridge and maybe 7 or 8 miles from the hospital and it only cost $39.00 for the night (with tax). They just happened to be running an internet special. Originally, we were scheduled to get to the hospital at 8:15 am, but on the way up to Superior, they called and said there was a cancellation and we needed to be their by 7:15 am, which was even better.
There has to be a joke here somewhere, but "how many hospital staff does it take to do one nose job?" There was the receptionist at the front desk, several nurses who did things like put the IV in, took my blood pressure (several times), ask the same questions over and over again, the nurses in the recovery room, etc... not to mention the anesthesiologist and his assistant, and of course the doctor who actually did the surgery. Actually the hospital was very efficient and ran like clock work. I really salute the doctors and staff at Miller-Dwan.
They not only took very good care of me, they also gave me these colorful bracelets, which only cost a few thousand dollars each.
The procedure went very well and I am doing fine, except being tired and a little weak yet. The hard part is not being able to blow my nose for a few days, which in my family is very big thing. We appreciate all those who prayed and continue to pray.

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