Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hayward Bible Study

A couple of months ago I started doing a Bible Study at an assisted living home in Hayward, Wisconsin. There are 4 ladies and 2 men. It is interesting listening to them talk about life, family and experiences. The 2 men are both in their 90's and the older man is the "younger" man's uncle. Bets, the older man has a great voice and has played several musical instruments in his life. His daughter, Carol started the Bible Study and I am filling in until spring when she gets back from sunny Arizona We are doing a series on the 23rd Psalm and learning a lot about tending sheep and how it pertains to our life following the Good Shepherd. A couple of them have no family left at all, so they are all alone, except for the people at the home. If it wasn't for sharing with them the Good News of the Good Shepherd, this ministry could be very discouraging. It amazes me that my goal has been to teach them, but they always end up teaching me more than I teach them. That is the Joy of ministry!

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