Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quiet Days

Today was one of those quiet winter days that I used to catch up on things in the office. I made a few phone calls that I have been putting off, worked on the computer for a while and even straightened up my file cabinet that has way too much junk in it (oops, I mean important files). This afternoon I spent some time re-organizing some files on the laptop. Quite a while ago I bought an external hard drive for the sole purpose of storing and saving needed files on.
As you may know, we have a new grandson, born a little more than a month ago. The picture is our grand daughter, Afton, mothering her new brother, Miles Mason Distad. I really think this is a great picture of them, taken either by Kevin or Jennifer recently. We discovered the world of Skype, where we can talk with and see Kevin's family using a web cam. It truly is amazing!

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