Monday, August 22, 2011

Afton's High Tea

When I think about this year's camp many things stand out: 60 campers, almost 40 workers, several decisions for Christ, the 20 year celebration and much more. One of the highlights for me was Thursday afternoon, when I was rushing about with several things on my mind that needed to be done. As I was heading for the kitchen, there at the top of the steps was my grand daughter, Afton. All of a sudden all the things I "needed" to get done were not important any more. I took Afton by the hand and led her down to the kitchen (mainly so I knew where she was). I asked her if she would like to have something to drink, so I poured her and my self a glass of iced tea. We sat down at the table and had what I called "High Tea". I showed her the "proper" way to drink tea, which consisted of slurping the tea followed by a loud "ahhhhhh". She thought that was fun. We sat there talking and slurping our tea for a good 15 minutes talking about everything under the sun that came to her little mind. Along with Linda and I, her other grand parents were at camp too. Afton proceeded to tell me that Grandpa and grandma Crawford had white hair and I had white hair, but "my wife" did not. She was just "old" but did not have white hair. I would not trade those 15 minutes for all the gold in Washington. Thank God for little girls and High Tea Time. Ahhhhhhh!!!! That's good tea!

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