Saturday, December 18, 2010

Prayer meeting in the bank

Yesterday, I had an experience that was quite unusual to me. I went to the bank to cash a check. After the check was cashed April was standing right next to me and wondered if I had a few minutes to spare. I said, "Sure, what's up?" She told me that a few of the employees were going to have a prayer meeting in the side room to pray for a young man that had been diagnosed with cancer. A couple years ago, April was diagnosed with breast cancer and the ladies of the bank did the same for her, so this was very special to her. I followed her to the side room where 5 other ladies came in to pray for this young man. We held hands in a circle and we spent a few minutes praying that God would give peace to this man and his family. Most of the ladies knew who I was, but a couple of them did not. April introduced me as her "Uncle Frank", who was not really her uncle but that is what she has called me for the past 2o some years. That day we deposited much more than money in the bank. We deposted eternal blessings.
As a side note, today I was back in the bank and one of the ladies told me that God answered our prayers. The 23 year old man's cancer was not as radical as they first thought and he and his family had peace to and from the doctor's appointment.

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