Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camp 2010

It always seems a little weird that we prepare for months for camp and it is over in a batting of an eye. This years camp went quite well. We had 64 kids and about 42 adults helping. One of the big highlights for me happened during missionary hour. I had quite a few things to do that day, so i was not able to be in the chapel during that time. Toward the end of the missionary hour, I was getting ready to go into the chapel, but I stopped at the door and peeked in. What I saw was simply amazing. Almost all the campers and staff were at the front of the chapel with their heads bowed and praying. Many were making some very serious decisions about serving the Lord. To me that is what camp is all about!
It amazes me that this year marked our 20th year of camp! Next year we are planning a a time of celebration and praise. Like the theme for this year's camp states "What a Mighty God we serve!!!"
This picture is free for anyone to download and keep for their own. Enjoy and as you look at it start now to pray for next year's NorthLand Bible Camp.

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