Monday, May 5, 2008

Grand Parents Day

This past Friday was Grand Parents Day at our grand sons Christian school in Blaine, Minnesota. During the first hour we were in the school auditorium and each grade sang a Christian song. It was fun watching both our grandsons sing and do the motions to the songs. Connor is quite the ham, so when he came out on stage with the rest of the kids, he was waddling like a duck and just enjoying himself. Then we spent time in both Connor's kindergarten class and Gabe's First Grade class room. In Connor's classroom, each child introduced their grand parents (or special friend) and tried to tell a little about them and why they were special. In Gabe's class, Gabe showed us his room and read to us out of his library book. He does pretty good at reading. Later I went with Connor to the library where he picked out a couple of books to "look at". He just likes looking at the pictures.
We are very proud of our grand sons (and grand daughters). It is amazing to see them grow up and change every time we see them.

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