Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Visits

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting with 2 special people. The first person was Pastor Mike from Hope Congregational Church in Superior, Wisconsin. For the past few years we have been helping them with VBS and they also have a few kids that come to NorthLand Bible Camp in August. This year for VBS we are planning on teaching another Sunday School Charlie episode. This one is called the "The Mystery of the Golden Keys" and involves Charlie and Red attending Bible Camp and encountering a bully by the name of Muscle Mike. The kids always love Sunday School Charlie and his adventures.
The other person I spent time with was Helen S. I first met Helen over 20 years ago when Clarence Ecker, the former missionary in this area, took me around to visit people on the field. Helen and her husband used to help Mr. Ecker with a Sunday School in the Barnes, Wisconsin area many years ago. In July, Helen will be turning the young age of 100. But the thing that makes her so special is her vibrant faith in the Lord. She is looking forward to the day when she can see Jesus face to face. For Helen that will be great, because she is legally blind and very hard of hearing, but her mind is still young and energetic.

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