Saturday, March 29, 2008

Love and Grand Kids

Yesterday, Linda and I spent time with our grand kids in the Twin Cities. We baby sat with the 3 younger ones while Jennifer took Gabe to the eye doctor for a routine eye exam. The doctor told them that he does not need glasses. After they got back to the house, Linda and I took Gabe, Connor and Olivia to McDonalds for Happy Meals. This McDonalds had a play area with shoots, ladders and climbing tunnels that the kids really loved. Talk about noisy!!! Needless to say, the kids enjoyed all the climbing and running around. One of the things that really made our day was our 3 year old grand daughter, Olivia. She is all girl and loves to dress up, play house and look pretty. But what really tickled both Linda and myself is that she must have told each of us a half dozen times "I love you grandpa" and "I love you grandma". Then she would give us a hug and look up at us with those big beautiful eyes. It don't get any better than that!!!

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Scott and Lornel said...

Hi Uncle Frank and Aunt Linda! GREAT JOB on the Blog! It looks nice! The pictures are nice too! All of your Grandkids are so sweet! Can't wait until August to see everyone again!