Friday, December 4, 2015

December Prayer Letter

 Thought I would try something new this Christmas. Below is a copy of our latest December Christmas Prayer Letter. We invite you to take time to read it and then pray for us and the ministry here in N.W. Wisconsin.


  Can you believe that Christmas is only 21 days away! Where has the year gone? Attached you will find our December/Christmas Prayer letter and a copy of the Post & Pray. We would like to add a couple of prayer request for our church family. 
  1. Be in prayer for Bill M. For the past 2 years he has lung cancer and is now sleeping most of the time. He never complains and takes everything in stride. I was able to visit with him the other day and he is in good spirits. He made several Thanksgiving cards that he wants me to give to the people at church from him. But that is Bill! 
   2. Also be in prayer for Lanny R's family. At age 74 he passed away the other day. When he used to come to our church he would play his guitar or harmonica every Sunday for special music. He had a very simple but real faith and we will miss him greatly. 

  Thank you so much for paying and for your encouragement. 

   Have Great Christmas and a Blessed New Year in the Lord! 

   If you could drop us a line or even wish us a Merry Christmas to let us know that you received this Prayer Letter, that would really help us. Thanks... 

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