Wednesday, July 1, 2015

  So far this summer we have conducted 3 VBS: 2 at area churches and one at Casey Town Hall, about 8 miles from us in the middle of the woods. At Casey we had 16 kids attend. One of the unique things about this Town Hall is that it does not have a bathroom, so we have to pay for a porta potty to be brought in. The kids really love this. It beats the old out house that we used to use. Three teenage girls were our helpers and did a great job. July 12th - 16 we will be conducting VBS at Grace Life Church in Anoka, MN. The next week we will be at Trego Community Church in Trego, Wi. 
Please pray for:
1. The VBS's that are already done and for the lives of the kids and helpers. Pray for Grace Life and Trego that God would provide workers and above all kids for those 2 weeks. Pray for the salvation of those who come who do not know Jesus as Savior, yet.
2. August 1 - 7, will be North Land Bible Camp. Pray for Paul Frey as he directs camp and for the other 40 adult staff that will help in various positions. Above all pray for the campers that come that God will work in their lives. August 1st will be Staff day at camp getting ready for the campers to come and some training time for new workers. Pray for the finances of camp this year as food prices have gone up as well as the cost to rent the camp. Having an extra Staff day will also increase our costs, but will be worth it. Camp Webpage: Check it out!
3. Pray for the Barron Church as we have several projects that need to be done and WE NEED HELP to get them done. The parsonage is long over due to be re-painted and the rain gutters need to be fixed before winter. The church also has a short handicap ramp that needs to be re-done, along with a few other projects. Please be in prayer for either a church to partner with us in these projects or for some volunteers that would be willing to give of some time and energy.
   Also be in prayer for a new or like new Lawn Tractor. The old one (32 years old) is beyond repair. The church simply does not have extra money ($1400.00) to buy a tractor at this time, so pray that God will provide.

   THANK YOU for praying and for caring! 
Frank & Linda Distad
P.O. Box 98  Trego, WI. 54888
715-635-9426  or  715-939-0601

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