Sunday, July 26, 2009


Years ago I had toyed with the idea of serving the Lord as a foreign missionary, where I would work with a single ethnic group over seas somewhere. My real heart was to be a pastor or missionary right here in the good old USA. I find it fascinating that over the years with AMF, we have not ministered to just one ethnic group but several. A few weeks ago we held a VBS in the Twin cities, at the church our son Kevin and family attend. One of the songs we sang was "Jesus loves the little children, red, brown, yellow, black white - all are precious in His sight." We have little "people cards" of different colors for the kids to hold up. Amazingly enough we had almost enough kids of different background to match the red, brown, yellow, black and white cards. This last week we held a VBS at the American Legion Hall in Spooner. One of our African American children was excited that he was able to hold up the black people card. Where else in the world can we reach more people groups that right here in our own country and even here in northern Wisconsin.

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